All farmers should have the right to choose improved seeds that can help improve their livelihoods and health, contribute to gender equality, and correct the grave social injustices of poverty and hunger.

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The scientific consensus supports the safety of genetically engineered crops. An evidence-based approach to decision-making is crucial to ensuring global access to modern agricultural tools.

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In these critical times of climate change and population growth, every day of delay in adopting agricultural innovations takes its toll in malnourished children and damaged lives.

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News & Views

The sweet side of science, ‘Modified’
Scientists and farmers dispute ag minister’s claim that Ghana doesn’t need GMOs
Burkina Faso ‘farmer of the year’ calls for return of Bt cotton
Improved seeds key to sustainable food security, African plant breeders say
Nigeria gears up for two GMO crops in the 2020 planting season
Activists escalate efforts to stop Indian farmers from using GMO seeds

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