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"The good thing about science is that it is true, whether or not you believe in it."
— Neil deGrasse Tyson

Emotionally charged rhetoric influences far too many important scientific debates — at the expense of people and the planet. It’s time for a change, and YOU can help the Cornell Alliance for Science reframe these key discussions.

The Cornell Alliance for Science is a communications initiative that promotes evidence-based decision-making. We believe that SCIENCE—not politics—must drive the policies that will help humanity overcome the grand challenges that face us today.

Of course, change begins with PEOPLE. That’s why we invest in champions who can effectively shift the global debate around agriculture, food security, and environmental sustainability.

The Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows Program provides deep training in science, grassroots organizing, and multimedia communications. Empowered by knowledge, and allied through an international network, our Fellows successfully champion science to influence change in their countries and across the globe.

Together, we are working to ensure that scientists can access the tools they need to innovate, and that consumers and farmers can choose what they want to eat and grow. Agricultural biotechnology and other important tools of science must not bypass the poor, who arguably stand to benefit from it the most.

You can amplify the voice of reason. You can support science. You can effect meaningful change.

Your gift to the Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows Program could:

  • • Support the passage of a biosafety bill in Uganda;
  • • Mobilize pro-science student organizations in Ghana;
  • • Prevent science from being overcome by radical activism in Hawaii;
  • • Restore the role of science as a component of ethical vegan decision-making;
  • • Reduce pesticide use in the Philippines and India by expanding access to crops like Bt eggplant, which has already had a hugely positive impact on farmers in Bangladesh;
  • • Help mitigate climate change through the cultivation of crops that reduce agriculture’s negative footprint on the environment.

Your tax-deductible gift will directly benefit the 2016 Global Leadership Fellows Program!

$20,000 — full sponsorship of a 2016 Fellow
$10,000 — course fee for a 2016 Fellow
$4,000 — housing for a 2016 Fellow
$2,000 — travel for a 2016 Fellow
$1,000 — living stipend for a 2016 Fellow
$500 — food for a 2016 Fellow
$250 — supplies for a 2016 Fellow

Gifts of any amount are welcomed! Donors who contribute $1,000 or more will be acknowledged on our website. Donors at or above the $100 level will receive a beautiful Alliance for Science tote bag.

In the spirit of funding transparency, the Cornell Alliance for Science cannot accept anonymous donations. Cornell University is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

Thank you for supporting science, the global community, and Cornell University with your generous contribution!

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