Hannah Smith Walker

Hannah Smith Walker
Digital Manager and Multimedia Producer

Hannah manages the Alliance's digital communication tools and is part of the Multimedia team. She's a published scientist and a wildlife filmmaker with a MFA in Natural History Filmmaking & Communication, a BS in Biology, and a BA in Still Photography. She's studied and filmed topics ranging from microarthropods in cloud forest canopies, to the reastablishment of New Zealand sea lions to the mainland, to an award-winning children's film called Why we don't ride zebras?  Hannah most recently owned and operated her own production company and worked for conservation non-profits like the Sea Studios Foundation and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology making science-based media for the web, television, museums, classrooms, and emerging delivery technologies. She has a strong interest in the convergence of evidence-based science communication, education technology, and innovation. Hannah currently lives in Ithaca, NY with her husband, two small kiddos, two dogs, and one cat.

Follow Hannah on twitter @podclasstv

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