GMO policy

Anti-GMO Group Attacks Public Biotech Researchers with Freedom of Information Requests

Last month, public sector scientists were alarmed when a nonprofit group opposed to GM products filed a flurry of freedom of information (FOIA) requests with at least four U.S. universities. According to a report in Science, the FOIA requests asked administrators to turn over any correspondence between a dozen academic researchers and a handful of agricultural companies, trade groups, and PR firms.

Science in Europe on the Verge of Entering a Time of Political Ignorance

Last week European scientists had their gaze fixed up in space and celebrated the successful touchdown of the Rosetta lander on Comet 67P. Meanwhile back on earth, science, at least in Europe, had little cause for celebrations.

Three political decisions signal that science in Europe now is on the verge of entering a time of political ignorance.


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