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Cornell Alliance for Science Fellows Start a Global Conversation at the United Nations

Ithaca, NY, October 26, 2015 — The quest to end world hunger will get a boost November 17 as 25 Fellows from the Cornell Alliance for Science share their own stories, launching a vital global conversation at the United Nations.

“Those with the most at stake have been largely absent from provocative discussions about ending hunger and achieving food security,” said Dr. Sarah Evanega, director of the Cornell Alliance for Science. “In sharing their 25 unique stories, our Fellows, the first to complete a 12-week intensive Alliance for Science Fellowship, will help initiate a much broader conversation, that includes these often unheard voices.”

The gala event, which runs from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the Delegates Dining Room at United Nations Headquarters in New York City, is co-hosted by the Alliance for Science and a number of UN delegations.

The Fellows, who represent Bangladesh, the Philippines, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Indonesia, Hawaii and the mainland United States, are leaders in a growing consortium of “science allies” — partners committed to solving complex global hunger issues by leveraging advances in agriculture and innovative communications. They will return to their homes more informed, having broadened their understanding of agricultural technology and honed their communications skills at Cornell. Our AFS Fellows will bring a deepened scientific perspective to public policy debates on biotechnology, agricultural advances and food security, both in their own nations and around the globe.

The Cornell Alliance for Science

The Cornell Alliance for Science is a new initiative for science-based agricultural communications that is focused on the global public good. It is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has partners on six continents.

The Global Leadership Fellows Program is a core program of the Alliance, which partners with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others who share common values around poverty reduction, sustainable agriculture, providing farmers and consumers with information about available technologies, and reclaiming the conversation around agricultural biotechnology so that science- and evidence-based perspectives drive decision-making.

For more information, visit or contact Communications Director Atu Darko at or +1 (607) 379-7256.

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