Who We Are


The Cornell Alliance for Science seeks to promote access to scientific innovation as a means of enhancing food security, improving environmental sustainability and raising the quality of life globally.


To meet these goals, the Alliance focuses its efforts around:

Establishing a global network. We are building a significant international alliance of partners who believe in the common mission of solving complex global hunger issues by leveraging advances in agriculture, including the creative tools and insights biotechnology can offer.

Training with a purpose. We are empowering science champions around the world with the tools and skills needed to communicate effectively about science and promote evidence-based decision- making.

Multimedia communications. We are developing a comprehensive collection of photographs, videos, blog posts, fact sheets, and other multimedia resources that provide accurate information about agricultural biotechnology and share the stories of the scientists, farmers, and allies who are engaged in its development and implementation.


The Alliance is based in the Department of Global Development within Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.