Climate 4 Change

Climate For Change LogoGlobal climate change is expected to have tremendous implications for agriculture. Though farmers have long been accustomed to the vagaries of nature, they are now facing even greater production challenges as weather patterns become increasingly erratic.

But climate change is more than just a geophysical phenomenon. As humans, our individual and collective beliefs, lifestyles, and actions directly affect the global temperature. Our values and choices do make a difference.

The Cornell Alliance for Science “Climate 4 Change” initiative will investigate some of the climate change problems — and possible solutions — specific to agriculture, while exploring ways that we can alter our mental constructs to create a socio-political climate that is conducive to change. We will also continue to empower global champions for change through our international training efforts.

As we come together to address this worldwide challenge, the time is ripe to inspire and support profound changes around access to innovation and biotechnology. We invite you to join us in creating and fostering a true climate for change.

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