About the Alliance

The Cornell Alliance for Science is a global communications and training initiative dedicated to ensuring access to agricultural innovation, especially in developing nations, as a means for improving lives and livelihoods. Our grassroots training includes a 12-week Global Leadership Fellows Program and online trainings. We also have developed a collection of multimedia assets that tell the stories of international small-holder farmers and the scientists and others who are using technology to improve crops and livestock, thus reducing hunger and poverty. We have created a global network of diverse stakeholders committed to:

Amplifying the voices of small-holder farmers and public sector scientists;

Partnering with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others who share common values around poverty reduction, food security, and sustainable agriculture;

Ensuring access to innovation by advancing policies that give farmers a choice in how to practice agriculture; and

Reclaiming the conversation around agricultural biotechnology so that science- and evidence-based perspectives drive decision-making.