Short Courses

The Cornell Alliance for Science Short Courses

The Cornell Alliance for Science Short Courses are two-to-seven-day intensive trainings focused on equipping participants with the frameworks, skills, and tools they need to effectively promote access to scientific innovation, particularly agricultural biotechnology, in their local contexts as a means of addressing challenges such as food security, agricultural sustainability, and climate change.

Participants discuss common challenges, engage in collective problem solving, share best practices, and develop as a professional network as they train in strategic science communications. We take an applied approach, exploring how to apply grassroots organizing, strategic relationship building, and targeted communications to influence key decision-making groups.

Short courses are often regional in scope, some with global representation. Courses have been conducted around the world, including Thailand, Tanzania, Mexico, Kenya, and Hawaii. We also hold select courses for various stakeholders in agriculture, such as trainings specific to farmers and scientists. These select courses are not tied to a region, but focus instead on the particular needs of the stakeholder group.

APPLICATION PERIOD CLOSED: Gene Editing in African Agriculture: Science, Policy, Action”

*Due to COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions, this course has been postponed.