Ghana’s Bright Agricultural Future

As a member of the African diaspora, I feel it is my duty to stay informed on what’s happening on the continent, as well as to contribute to its development. Therefore, I was thrilled when invited to teach a short course on scientific writing at the West African Center for Crop Improvement (WACCI) this past January in Legon, Ghana. Known as a the “Gateway to Africa,” Ghana has always been seen as an example of Africa’s forward momentum towards economic growth and human development and it is only natural that this proud nation would want to lead in the agricultural sector as well.

Nigeria Academy of Science supports GMO agriculture

The security crises caused in past years by Boko Haram, which prevented farmers in the Northeast region of Nigeria from growing food, has prompted the United Nations to declare the country is in dire need of food intervention.

“A projected 5.1 million people will face serious food shortages in 2017 as conflict and the risk of unexploded improvised devices prevented farmers from planting for a third year in a row, causing a major food crisis," said Peter Lundberg, deputy humanitarian coordinator of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).


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