Biofortified Launches “Cookies and Science” Campaign to Support Girl Scouts

From teamwork, to setting up a campsite and making crafts, Anastasia Bodnar learned a lot during her years as a Girl Scout — and today, she is deeply proud of her experience. Last month, Bodnar, who is a PhD maize geneticist, became even more proud when the Girl Scouts of America stood up to a relentless campaign by anti-GMO activists.

Food Science Students Ask “Food Babe”: Show Us Evidence

In late January, six food science graduate students had heard enough from the Food Babe. Weary of hearing misinformation about food science and tired of watching attacks on their profession go unchallenged, the students published an open letter to Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe — an Internet activist who has amassed a huge following by attacking what she perceives as threats to people’s health from the foods they eat.

Anti-GMO Group Attacks Public Biotech Researchers with Freedom of Information Requests

Last month, public sector scientists were alarmed when a nonprofit group opposed to GM products filed a flurry of freedom of information (FOIA) requests with at least four U.S. universities. According to a report in Science, the FOIA requests asked administrators to turn over any correspondence between a dozen academic researchers and a handful of agricultural companies, trade groups, and PR firms.


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