The Alliance for Science conducts original research. Our research is intended to dispel misinformation and provide insights into scientific issues, including COVID conspiracies and dubious health claims, vaccine hesitancy, climate change, and agricultural biotechnology. We also develop science-based “white papers” on agricultural biotechnology, climate change, and other topics.

Our work to date includes:

A paper, published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Research Letters, that found with high statistical confidence that the scientific consensus on human-caused contemporary climate change—expressed as a proportion of the total publications—exceeds 99% in the peer reviewed scientific literature.
Citation: Lynas, M., Houlton, B. & Perry, S., 2021: ‘Greater than 99% consensus on human caused climate change in the peer-reviewed scientific literature’, Environmental Research Letters, 16, 114005.

• A study quantifying sources and themes in the COVID-19 ‘infodemic’ that found former President Donald Trump was the single greatest source of COVID misinformation in 2020.
Citation: Evanega, S., Lynas, M., Adams, J. & Smolenyak, K., 2020: ‘Quantifying sources and themes in the COVID-19 ‘infodemic’’, Alliance for Science, Cornell Unviversity.