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By Sandra Nnadi
Principal Scientific Officer
National Biotechnology Development Agency

I currently work as a Molecular Biologist at the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Abuja, Nigeria. I am involved in analyzing genetically modified organisms [GMO] in food and feed. When I am not at work, I take up weekend roles of training caregivers and daycare teachers to secure a serene and safe environment where children can learn.

My goal is to make the community aware of the changing climate and the need to cultivate a plant-growing culture one step at a time. Plants are very important to the environment as they provide a source of oxygen, absorb excess sunlight, utilize sunlight for photosynthesis, provide shade as trees and regulate airflow, among other important benefits.

We started a “Water a Plant” science project in January 2016 at Blossom Haven Daycare, where we taught kids and encouraged parents to water a plant when they arrive school in the morning and before they leave at the end of the day. The plants used can withstand the harsh and dry sunny weather Abuja experiences early in the year.

Kids learn very fast using routine show, tell and do models. The parents are also encouraged to participate and have plants at home where their children can model the school experience.

Though the children are very young, they are still able to watch the plants grow and learn to care for plants in their environment, thus building their awareness to care for the ecosystem, despite the changing climate.

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