Our Team

Isaac Ongu

Uganda Correspondent

Isaac is an agriculturist with broad experience in agricultural communications and trainings. From interacting with smallholder farmers in rural areas of Uganda, Isaac became passionate about how the plight and challenges affecting smallholder farmers could be amplified for policy makers to take note. This propelled Isaac into writing, which he has pursued consistently for five years, focusing on science- and issues-based interventions toward addressing agricultural challenges among smallholder farmers in Africa. Isaac believes modern biotechnology will play a big role in improving household food security in Africa by impacting positively on agricultural productivity. He continues to be a creative voice in ensuring the message about biotechnology remains based in facts rather than emotions. Isaac participated actively in the Uganda filmings of the documentaries “Food Evolution” and “Know GMO.” Currently, Isaac is taking a deep look into public policy and governance with the aim of critically conducting a study into identifying major impeding gaps that exist within national agricultural related national policies.