GMO policy

"Food Evolution" – the ever evolving science

Biotechnology has huge potential, does not belong to corporations, and delaying it further will only serve to hurt all farmers, big and small, and people in general. Today the big challenge is how to address issues like climate change and food security. If, for example, biotechnology can contribute to mitigating climate change, we need to talk about how to use and regulate it effectively. It's true, biotechnology has a long way to go to meet its potential, but this is an opportunity, not a disaster.

ISBGMO: A personal perspective

Opening day speakers at the International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (ISBGMO) played on the theme of this year’s event — "Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms: past, present and future" — by highlighting the importance of reflecting on the past and what we have learned from it; assessing the current state of GMO research; and looking forward to the future with new plant breeding techniques.


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